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Client: Def Agency



Join the ongoing cola wars as Pepsi unveils its revamped visual identity with a spectacular promotional blitz for Pepsi Max across three bustling locations in Helsinki during May Day. Partnering with Def Agency that strategically selected prime locations to ensure maximum exposure to the massive crowds that flocked to the six-hour extravaganza.

Our mission? Crafting three unique stages for top DJs, each adorned with an impressive array of LED screens to showcase Pepsi Max's dynamic new branding. We were also tasked to produce video content for the LED-screens. From navigating logistical hurdles to overcoming tight build-up deadlines, we meticulously planned every detail during the design and pre-production phases.

At the heart of each stage was the pulsating rhythm of Finland's top DJs, synchronized seamlessly with vibrant visuals that danced to the beat. After crafting bespoke video content and integrating Pepsi's branding, we embarked on an innovative journey: programming our media servers and light consoles to sync with the BPM data from the DJ gear. The solution we came up with not only elevated the event's energy but also opened up exciting possibilities for future productions.

Visual design: Max Lapinsuo-Sylwén

Screen content: Max Lapinsuo-Sylwén

Pre-programming: Timo Kesonen

Operators: Markus Kuisma, Olli Akselin, Kristian Kuronen

Technical production: Capital AV / Kimmo Räsänen, Katri Hyvärinen & Ville Saarikangas

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