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Client: Magnum Events



Capital Creative had the honor of spearheading the stage design for the second installment of the prestigious Elisa Masters international esports tournament. The project presented a unique challenge, as we meticulously balanced various aspects of the tournament regulations while ensuring optimal conditions for players on stage. Our focus on achieving impeccable lighting for cameras without causing discomfort to the players' eyes was paramount.

A standout feature of our design was the impressive main LED screen, ingeniously powered by Cybermotion technology. This innovative setup not only provided stunning visuals but also served as a dynamic entry point for teams, as they made their grand entrance onto the stage through the opening in the screen, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Visual design: Max Lapinsuo-Sylwén

Light operator: Anssi Mattila

Video operator: Niklas Pajunen

Technical production: Capital AV / Kimmo Räsänen & Johannes Koivisto

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